How to Get More Sales with Your Facebook Ads

I've done promos for one of my clients for the last 2 weeks with a similar strategy and we've gotten really good results both times! So, I wanted to share in case you'd like to try something similar or get my help to set something like this up!

First, a little background. This client is Gael from Massage and Spa Success. She helps massage therapists grow their businesses. She's been around for awhile and has like 11,000 people on her list and almost 30,000 likes on her FB page. She also makes a lot of Facebook Lives to connect with her audience.

Mindset Note: Don't think that this strategy won't work for you if you don't have as many followers or as big a list as Gael. This could work for you with a very small audience!


We've been doing 4-day promos for different events or flash sales. We spent about $125 over the 4 days for each promo ($35/day).

These ads are targeted to her WARM audiences. Her email list, video viewers, Facebook page engagement, and website traffic. There's no way she would get results like this from targeting cold, random people with her ads.

Check out how I helped my client make more sales (and more money) with her Facebook ads. Facebook ad example | Facebook ads tips | Facebook ads strategy | Awesome Facebook ads | Facebook ads | Facebook marketing | Facebook for business | #facebookmarketing | #contentmarketing | #facebookmarketingtips | #facebookadstips

Promo 1

The Offer

A special, live online workshop for her tribe about how to set up a Mother's Day special to book more clients. Cost for the event = $67

The Ad

We started out the promotion with this ad. 3 purchases came through in the first 2 days. But I noticed that the link click through rate (CTR) was only .75%. I strive for at least 1% or more CTR, so I decided to change it up for the last 2 days of the promo to see if we could get more clicks.

Screen Shot 2018-04-25 at 8.50.39 AM.png

So I switched up the copy a little bit and tested out two different images for the remaining 2 days. 

I chose this image because I thought it was a brighter and more fun mother/daughter picture and it would draw more attention than the first. I was right! The CTR for this was 1.36% and 4 sales came through this ad.

Screen Shot 2018-04-25 at 8.51.00 AM.png

I also tested this image and I was surprised to find that it was the winner overall! Usually, images with people tend to do better, but apparently, flowers are nice too! For this ad, the CTR was 1.4% and it made 6 sales.

Screen Shot 2018-04-25 at 8.50.20 AM.png

Also, you can notice that these last 2 ads have way more likes, shares and comments than the first version. That's another indication that this combination of copy and image are better than our first attempt.

The Results

13 purchases for a total of $871 in revenue.

She only spent $123 and made back $871! This means her Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) was over 6 times what she spent.

Would you pay $123 to make $871 in your business? I bet you would! And I would too.


Promo 2

The Offer

The second was a 50% off flash sale for her monthly content club membership for the first month. Cost for the first month = $10. People could also join the membership for an entire year for $157 and several did!

The Ad

Since we were doing another Mother's Day promo, I decided to use the winning image from the testing in the first promo. I didn't split test any other images or versions for this ad.

Screen Shot 2018-04-25 at 9.03.55 AM.png

The Results

11 purchases for a total of $717 in revenue. 4 people bought the yearly subscription and 7 people bought monthly.

She spent $135 and made back $717 so her Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) was over 5.

Comparing the 2 Promos

The ad for Promo 2 had way more likes comments and shares than the ads for Promo 1. But the ads for Promo 1 had more sales and made more revenue, so that's what's most important! Make sure you are tracking the MOST important numbers to determine the success of your ad.

Here's something I love about this...she made MORE sales on Promo 1, which was a MUCH higher priced offer! Almost 7 times as much as the Promo 2 offer! And, of course, she also made more money. It's a great reminder for those of us who struggle with under-pricing our stuff out of fear that it won't sell at a higher price. (This is me! I'm reminding myself! Lol.)

I'm loving helping her get these sales and help her clients build their businesses! I think this is a really good strategy if you have some warm audiences. Even if they're not quite as big as hers.

Keys to Success

These ads are doing well for Gael because...

  • I tested out different images and copy to find the best combinations

  • She has her pixel installed on her website so that we can see exactly how much revenue comes in through the ads

  • The promos were 4 days each, which gives people the urgency to take action and buy

  • I targeted her warm audiences to sell to people who already know her

Which brings me to... my free guide — Facebook Ads Targeting Goldmine! If you'd like to learn how to set up all of your warm audiences and create some killer promos like I did here with Gael, just click below to grab your free guide.


Facebook Ads Warm Audiences Cheat Sheet

Get in front of the RIGHT people with your Facebook ads

Grab your copy of the Facebook Ads Targeting Goldmine

Check out how I helped my client make more sales (and more money) with her Facebook ads. Facebook ad example | Facebook ads tips | Facebook ads strategy | Awesome Facebook ads | Facebook ads | Facebook marketing | Facebook for business | #facebookmarketing | #contentmarketing | #facebookmarketingtips | #facebookadstips
Check out how I helped my client make more sales (and more money) with her Facebook ads. Facebook ad example | Facebook ads tips | Facebook ads strategy | Awesome Facebook ads | Facebook ads | Facebook marketing | Facebook for business | #facebookmarketing | #contentmarketing | #facebookmarketingtips | #facebookadstips

5 Audiences to Target with Your Facebook Ads to Find Your Next Dream Client

I’m always asking people about their goals for their Facebook ads.

But I know what the ultimate goal is.

You want more clients! Or customers or students. 

However, I’m constantly warning people NOT to start their Facebook ads by blasting random audiences with ads to buy their products and services.

So what to do instead?

If you’ve got a product or service ready to sell, start advertising it to your WARM audiences.

A warm audience is made of people who are already familiar with you and your business.

Once you’ve started to build a relationship, then you can start telling them about your awesome paid offerings and start to really serve them

Here are 5 warm audiences that you can target in Facebook to start making more sales and building deeper relationships.

Targeting is everything when it comes to creating awesome Facebook ads! Read this post to learn how to target your ads in order to make more sales and make more money!


Warm Audience 1: Your email list

Why would you want to bother to advertise to your email list? They’re already on your list so why don’t you just email them?

Of course you’re going to email your list. But you may also want to send out a strategic ad to your list occasionally.

I definitely don’t read every email in my inbox and I’d guess you don’t either. The same is true for your tribe.

So, if you’re doing something special like a webinar, a flash sale or a bonus for your online course, it’s very worthwhile to target an ad to your email list to make sure they know about it.

Warm Audience 2: Your website visitors

People who have already visited your website are hot prospects! Maybe they found you through Google or social media. And if they cruise through your site without signing up for your list or buying, then you want the opportunity to reconnect with them and continue building a relationship.

When you install your ad account’s Facebook pixel, you can create audiences of people who have visited your website and retarget them with Facebook ads.

Some of my friends think this is stalker behavior. Lol. I feel like this is a solid strategy to build relationships with people who have already show interest in your expertise. Help them keep it going and take it to the next level.

Warm Audience 3: Your video viewers

This is one of my favorite audiences to use. People who have viewed your videos are already warming up to you quickly. Video is such a great way for your future dream clients to get a sense of your energy, vibe and approach to your topic.

When you retarget video viewers with your ads, you often get great results because this audience is quickly willing to take the next step with you.

Warm Audience 4: Your Facebook page engagement

Someone lands in your Facebook page engagement audience after they have liked, shared, or commented on one of your posts or ads. Or if they have visited your Facebook page. Or if they have messaged your page.

I prefer to target the engagement audience instead of targeting the Facebook fans.

Why? Because these people are already engaging! And lots of them aren’t fans of your page yet. They haven’t clicked the like button yet. But they might if they see an ad from you. They also might sign up from your list or buy from you.

Warm Audience 5: Your Instagram page engagement

If you have a business Instagram profile that’s connected to your business Facebook page, then you can build an Instagram engagement audience for your Facebook ads.

This is an awesome opportunity to meet someone on Instagram and then connect with them on Facebook too. Having multiple touch points to connect really helps people to start recognizing and remembering you.

So how do you create these audiences and then set up your ads to target them?

Glad you asked.

I just created a brand new cheat sheet to take you through the audience-creation process step-by-step! Download your Warm Audiences Cheat Sheet here.

This cheat sheet will take show you, step-by-step, how to set up each of these warm audiences inside the Facebook ads asset library. These are some of the MOST important actions to take to start making money with your ads.

Facebook Ads Warm Audiences Cheat Sheet

Get in front of the RIGHT people with your Facebook ads

Grab your copy of the Warm Audiences Cheat Sheet

How I got 30 new students without running Facebook ads

As you know, I love me some Facebook ads. 

But just because I know a lot about ads doesn’t mean that I’m constantly running them for my own business.

In November 2017, I was in a place where I wanted to launch a Facebook ads training course, but I wasn’t ready to spend any money on advertising.

I didn’t have much of a budget to spend because I’d had a couple of rocky months previously. And I didn’t want to advertise and do a huge launch for a course that was so new.

I wanted to test out my course first and make sure that people liked it. And then I could use their feedback and testimonials (and the income I earned from a small launch) to do a bigger launch later that included Facebook ads.

I launched my very first Facebook ads course and had 30 students join within a week. Ironically, I didn't do any of my own Facebook ads to get these students signed up! Learn about the free strategies that I used on my blog! 

Here’s a little back story…

I created a Facebook ads program as a part of a collaboration with another entrepreneur in August. And I was just sitting on this course for a couple of months. I was not sure how I wanted to launch it and start getting more students to join.

When I sat down to create a sales page, I realized that I wanted to rework the whole course!

I spun my wheels for a few weeks (can you relate?) and then I decided that I needed to launch the course and THEN fix the issues that I wanted to change.

Which leads me to…

Tip #1: Start launching and selling the program BEFORE you have all the content ready. 

I called this a beta test phase. I offered the course at a lower price to have students go through and give me feedback.  

I made a sales page for the course, even though I hadn’t recorded all of the videos yet. And I started getting students enrolled. The students knew that they the course was still in creation mode and they wouldn’t have access to everything from day one.

This was extremely motivating for me to finally make the changes and re-record some of the videos in order to get the new course finalized and deliver what I promised.

Tip #2: Start with your personal network.

After I made a sales page, I thought about all the people who I’ve met in person and on social media who might be interested in my offer.

I made 2 lists:

List 1 = People who I thought would be interested in joining the course.

This was really easy to get started. I’d had a lot of people talk with me about Facebook ads in some capacity. So, I added their names to my list. I also thought about other people who I was friends with or knew through Facebook groups and put them on my list too.

List 2 = People who I thought would be good referral partners.

These people were my ad management clients or ad coaching clients. I knew that they weren’t beginners and wouldn’t really benefit from or be interested in my course. But I also knew that they were well-connected and might have people in their networks who would be interested.

I wrote personal emails to all the people on these two lists. 

For list 1, I told them about my new course and invited them to join. 

For list 2, I asked them to share my new course with anyone in their network who might benefit.

Tip #3: Post on social media.

I mostly focused on posting on my personal page and in a Facebook group where I’ve been an active member for 3 years. Both of these Facebook areas were places where a lot of my ideal students were hanging out.

I’m not going to give you too many details about what I posted and when. Because Facebook has rolled out some big algorithm changes since I did the launch. And I don’t know how effective the types of posts that I did then would be now.

My overall advice here is to deliver value first. Don’t go spam a bunch of groups and your own friends with salesy, “Buy Now” posts. 

Tell the story of why you created your new offer. Talk about how it’s different than your other offers. Give some tips about your topic and invite them to join your program if they want more information.

My Results

As you already know, I got 30 people enrolled in my brand new FB ads course. I’ll break it down a little more.

I sat down on a Sunday afternoon and started reaching out to people on my lists. I didn’t hear much back for the first day or two.

I did have one friend sign up early on. She’s a friend who I have known for years and I had talked to multiple times about Facebook ads. When she joined, I felt happy but I didn’t know if that meant that I had a winning offer. [Big time limiting belief = This is a fluke. No one else will want this. Just because she signed up doesn’t mean that anyone else will, etc.]

Then, on Wednesday of that week, my phone started to go off with alerts from Paypal! Every entrepreneur’s dream!

I discovered that one of my former coaching clients (someone from List 2) had posted my offer and a link to my sales page inside her Facebook groups.

And people were running over to sign up! I couldn’t believe it!

I actually didn’t expect people who didn’t know me at all to want to join this thing! But there they were.

I ended up getting 10 of my first 30 students from my client sharing my program with her community.

Then, in the next few days, my personal contacts started joining as well. I’m not sure of the breakdown of who I contacted personally vs. who joined from seeing my posts on social media, but the other 20 students came from both of those places.

So, I got my first 30 students enrolled in my course. I got feedback and then when I decided to invest in some ads, I got 15 more students by spending less than $40! But that story is a whole different blog post.

All of these students enrolled in the span of about a week. I didn’t have any deadlines or special prices or anything fancy like that. And I didn’t spend ANY money on advertising!

Do you feel like a launch like this is something that you could do to increase momentum and buzz for your business?

I bet you could!

And that’s why I have a 60 minute workshop inside my marketing program, Attract Your Tribe - How to Launch…for Free!

In this training, I’ll take a deep dive into this strategy. You’ll get…

Inspiration for writing personal emails to your contacts. 

I’m NOT going to give you scripts or templates to use for this. Unlike some marketers out there, I don’t believe that you’re going to get the results that I got just by copying my words. So, I’ll show you some real examples of the emails that I sent, but I won’t encourage you to use them as a script for your own emails. 

Instead, I’ll help you focus on taking my inspiration and then executing the emails in a way that feels authentically you. That’s the only way to get great results.

Strategies + examples of social media posts that get people interested in your offer. 

There’s no perfect formula for this. But I can give you some ideas, examples and strategies for you to test to see what works best for you and your social connections. I’ll even include an example of how I got results from doing an Instagram story!

Energy clearing + alignment. 

Instead of obsessing over the perfect words for your emails and social media posts, it’s more important to get your emotions in alignment with your goals. From there, you’ll write effective copy for your launch. 

During the training, we’ll work through some limiting beliefs that are holding you back from taking action and get you moving forward. And we’ll clear them away so that you can move forward to bigger and better!

Sound good?

How to Launch...for free! shows you how to do all of this and more.

When you join Attract Your Tribe Marketing Membership, you'll not only get this in-depth training on how to launch for free, you'll also get awesome Facebook ads training to help you get even more results!

And lots of magical mindset resources that you won't hear from any other marketing expert.

Join Attract Your Tribe and get instant access to the training -- How to Launch for Free

Pssst...if read this post and you noticed yourself thinking thoughts like -- "Well that worked for her but it could never work for me" or "My offer isn't good enough to get those kind of results" or "I'm too shy to reach out to people over email" -- then, you'll definitely want to join me for this live training so we can clear those limiting beliefs out for good!

Want to Learn How to Launch for Free?

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The Surprising Key to Marketing Success

Have you ever had an experience in your business where you do everything right?

You follow the perfect "launch formula."

You use email templates or Facebook ad swipe files because you know they work.

You take a course by a well-respected expert and implement their entire strategy.

And yet, your results are lackluckster at best. Or worse, you get no results at all. Just crickets and a sad trombone.

This has happened to me. Multiple times.

When I was launching my program about Angels in 2016, I took a great course about marketing and launching by Amy Porterfield. I followed everything. And I got a few sales but nothing like what I expected. 

I got down on myself and felt so frustrated because I knew that I was doing everything right. So why wasn't I getting the results?

It wasn't Amy Porterfield's fault. Her course was great and I still refer back to it!

So, what was the problem?

Marketing mindset | Digital marketing | Online marketing | Business success | Success mindset #mindsetiseverything | #marketingmindset | #successmindset | #contentmarketing | #emailmarketing

Now, looking back, I can see that I was missing the X Factor....Mindset.

I had a lot of bad beliefs that were standing in the way of my success with my Angels course. 

Beliefs like....

No one will pay the price that I need to charge for this.
I'm not good at selling.
I'm not a good enough writer.
I'm going to bother people with my emails.
I'll offend people by asking them to pay to join my course instead of giving it away for free.

You can see why beliefs like this would be problematic to business success!

For the last few years, I've been working on my mindset around business, money, marketing and success.

I'm not claiming to be a perfect expert. At all. But I can definitely see a difference in how I feel and my results!

When I launched my first Facebook ads program in the fall of 2017, I didn't do a fancy launch or send out perfect marketing emails. I let it feel easy and didn't have huge expectations. And I had 45 people join my program! Way more than I had expected or imagined!

I'm positive that I'm not the only business owner who has gotten tripped up by negative, limiting beliefs.

As healers, coaches and leaders, our biggest challenge is working through our own fears and limitations so that we can market and sell our programs and services to the people who really need them.

So, that's why I have a special guest interview for my blog today.

In the video below, I have a conversation with mindset coach, yogi and soul purpose expert, Alexis Pierce. We both share the incredible transformations that we've experienced in the last few months by working through some of our biggest, deepest, scariest limiting belief.

I had this belief that was holding me back in every area of my life. Love, family, money, business, friends. Probably even from being the best pet owner to Gus and Penny.

Want to know how I broke free from my biggest limiting belief? Watch the video below.

Alexis and I would love to hear from you.

Can you identify a limiting belief that's holding you back reaching your business goals?

Let us know in the comments below.

Are you ready for change in your life?

I can tell you from experience -- freedom from a bad belief feels SO good!

The next Breaking Bad Belief Challenge starts on Monday, March 26, 2018. And the price goes up on Friday, March 23. Learn more and join us for the challenge!

Breaking Bad Beliefs Challenge Blog

Break Free from Bad Beliefs

Join the 30 Day Challenge!

The Most Common Facebook Ad Mistakes (And How to Fix Them)

This week I did a Facebook Live interview with my friend Gael Wood.

Gael is a very successful massage therapist who now teaches other wellness professionals how to be awesome through her business, Massage and Spa Success.

And, she's also one of my Facebook ads management clients!

In this video, she talks about common Facebook ad mistakes that she hears from wellness professionals in her community. And I give all the answers on how to fix those mistakes.

You'll learn why...

  • Facebook advertising is so different from the ads that you're used to seeing on TV
  • You MUST get that pixel installed on your website!
  • It's worth having a Facebook page for your business, even if you don't intend to advertise
  • We're using Instagram even more right now
  • We love paying for advertising!
Facebook ads tips | Facebook ads strategy | Awesome Facebook ads | Facebook ads | Facebook marketing | Facebook for business | #facebookmarketing | #contentmarketing | #facebookmarketingtips | #facebookadstips

Did you like these tips?

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Spread Your Wings - Marketing Angel Card for March

Today I decided to mix things up a little. Instead of a blog post about Facebook ads, I decided to do an angel card reading for you!

I’ve just been getting the nudge lately to incorporate my intuitive work into my marketing work. So I’m following my inspiration and it’s a lot of fun!

So here's your Marketing Angel Card for March 2018...

Marketing Angel Card

Spread Your Wings!

Archangel Ariel: “Do not hold back right now. The timing is perfect, and you are ready to soar!”

I absolutely love getting this card for business and marketing! This is a great month to make a move! 

Launch something new. 

Start an FB live show.

Experiment with some ads.

Play with some Insta stories.

Write some personal messages to your dream clients and invite them into your paid programs.

Post and network inside a Facebook group where your peeps hang out.

The important thing is to get yourself out there and be visible on a new level. And do it in a way that feels fun! It doesn’t have to be stressful or high pressure. Just get curious and try something new in your marketing.

This month is your time to put your business out there in a whole new way!

Did you like this Marketing Angel Card Reading?

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How I Spent $37 and Made $693 with Facebook Ads

How I Spent $37 and Made $693 with Facebook Ads

I know you're probably used to hearing about these HUGE success stories with Facebook advertising. Today, I want to share a small but mighty success. Because this might be closer to where you're at in your business. And it’s a great practice to celebrate small wins in business and life!

The Best Type Facebook Ad Campaign to Grow Your Business

If you’re wanting to try Facebook ads for your business but aren’t sure where to start, I feel ya!

There are SO many options inside of Facebook! Where do you begin?

Do you start advertising to get more views for your videos? Or most post engagement for your best content?

Or do you dive right in with a special promo to get more sales?

Or just do some simple awareness ads to let people know that you exist?

All of these types of ads can help your business if you have a proper strategy in place.

But I think that the best type of ad that you can run as you’re getting started is an email list building campaign.

I’m talking about creating something valuable (like a video series or ebook) and then giving it away for free in exchange for someone’s name and email address.

Then you set up your Facebook ads to promote this freebie and get more sign ups.

Why should you care about growing your email list? So many reasons.

When it comes to Facebook ads, there are so many choices! But here’s the campaign that I think is most worth your time and money investment. | Facebook ads tips | Facebook ads examples | Facebook marketing | Awesome Facebook ads | Content marketing | Facebook ads marketing | Email marketing | Facebook marketing strategy | #emailmarketing | #facebookadstips | #facebookmarketing | #facebookmarketingtips

Email helps you build relationships. Once someone opts in and joins your list, you can send them great, helpful content about your topic and deliver a lot of value. I’ll admit, I’ve gone through different phases in my business where I consistently emailed my list and where I didn’t. And I noticed a HUGE difference in my results for flash sales, launches and promotions. Which leads me to my next reason.

People are WAY more likely to buy from a sales email than a social media post. Your peeps are much more in a buying frame of mind while reading their email than while browsing social media. Plus, the algorithms on Facebook and Instagram don’t give promotional posts very much organic reach. Which means, that if you want more of your followers to know about your offer, you’ll have to do ads to reach them. 

When you grow an email list, you own that list and the ability to contact those people. Unless they unsubscribe of course. You don’t have to panic about the latest changes to the Facebook algorithm because you can contact your tribe through email.

You can automate email sequences. This gives your subscribers a great experience. And it gives you the chance to step back from your business and take a break. It’s one of those things where you can set it up and then test, monitor and tweak. When you get it dialed in, you get to sit back and chill while it builds your business on autopilot. Pretty awesome, right?

You’re setting yourself up for long term success. Some people will stay on your list for YEARS! As long as you stay in business. So, investing in some ads today can pay off way down the line in your biz.

Have I convinced you?

Running Facebook ads to build your list is truly a worthy investment for your business. 

So, how do you get started?

Glad you asked!

I’ve got a free checklist for you. It’s got everything you need to prepare to start planning your first email list building ad campaign. You can grab your free List Building Facebook Ads Checklist here.

MarDel Blog opt in (1).png

Start building your email list with Facebook ads

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The #1 Secret to Writing Killer Facebook Ad Copy

As I talk with more entrepreneurs about their struggles with Facebook ads, I’m discovering that writing the copy for the ad is one of the biggest challenges.

And I can understand why! It’s not easy!

Since I started doing Facebook ads 2 years ago, the rules about how to write the copy for your ads have changed more than any other part of ad creation.

However, I believe that the secret I’m going to share with you here is a foundational principle to writing good Facebook ads. 

Facebook’s specific policies will continue to change and evolve, but if you keep this secret in the front of your mind, you’ll always be successful with your Facebook ads copy.

Ok, so are you ready to know the secret?

Stop your Facebook ad writing struggles with this secret! Facebook ads copy | Facebook ads tips | Facebook ads examples | Facebook marketing | Awesome Facebook ads | Content marketing | #facebookadscopy | #facebookadstips | #facebookmarketing | #facebookmarketingtips

Keep your Facebook ad copy positive.

Seems simple, right? But it’s actually counter-intuitive to a lot of marketers and copywriters.

If you’ve studied copywriting for your business, then you’ve probably learned about hitting on customers’ pain points. I’ve heard phrases from marketing experts like “get them into pain” or “make them really aware of their problem so that you can offer a solution.”

So, people dive into writing their Facebook ad copy with this type of strategy in mind.

And this type of “pain point” copy does generally work pretty well! It gets people moving and taking action.

But it doesn't work for Facebook ads! Why?

Most of the time, it’s against Facebook policy. And when you try to advertise, the ad gets disapproved so you're left wondering what went wrong and what to do next.

Let’s look at an example.

Pretend you’re a health coach. And you’ve noticed that most of your clients are hoping to losing weight. You’ve got a free ebook about healthy weight loss that you want to advertise on Facebook to grow your email list. So, you might write some copy like this for your ad:

Bummer Facebook Ad Copy

Are you struggling to lose weight? 

You’ve tried every diet out there and nothing is working. You’ve tried every exercise regimen you can find but just can’t stick with it.

Well, I know how you feel. I work with clients every day who have had similar struggles.

That’s why I created a free ebook for people just like you. 

Grab your free copy here >>> [link to sign up for ebook]

This type of ad copy would almost certainly get disapproved by Facebook and you’d be back to the drawing board.


This copy hits WAY too hard on people’s pain points.

If you were struggling to lose weight and feeling bad about it, how would you like to be reminded of that every time you get on Facebook?

Basically, this ad copy is implying that the reader is fat and out of shape and helpless to do anything about it themselves.

Facebook doesn’t want their users to have this experience of feeling bad about themselves after they read ads. Facebook wants people to have a great experience with all aspects of the platform so they’ll keep coming back and spending time there.

So, they try to build their ad policy around protecting their users from feeling triggered and crappy after they see ads on Facebook.

So, what should you do instead?

Write copy for your ad that is benefit-drive, positive and inspiring.

Something like this would be a much more effective Facebook ad.

Killer Facebook Ad Copy

Ready to look and feel your best in 2018?

I know how hard it can be to stick with your New Year’s resolutions. I made so many promises to myself over the years and I struggled to follow through.

But then I discovered that it doesn’t have to be this way! When I shifted my mindset, I was finally able to stick with my healthy resolutions and meet my goals.

And I believe that you can learn to do the same.

That’s why I wrote this ebook. I'll tell you my story of struggling to meet my health goals. I'll share with you how I turned things around. And show you how you can too.

Grab your free copy here >>> [link to ebook landing page]

I like this ad copy because it empathizes with the reader and shares a little bit about you. Instead of harping on the reader’s pain points about their weight, if you share about YOUR journey and struggle in your copy, then you’re building an authentic connection with your reader. And you'll be flying through the Facebook policy filters with no problem at all.

If you set an intention for your ad copy to inspire, encourage and authentically connect with the reader, then you’re going to have a killer Facebook ad.

Now that you’ve got a plan for your Facebook ad copy, what about all the other pieces that you need in place?

Download my free Facebook Ads Strategy Checklist to plan out your entire campaign to build your email list and increase your sales.

Facebook Ads Strategy Checklist

Grow your Email List with Facebook Ads!

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3 Steps to Thrive with the New Facebook Algorithm

Facebook is changing their algorithm. Again! They’ve come right out and said that they will be focusing on showing more posts from friends and family and fewer posts from businesses in user news feeds.

But don't panic! Facebook is still a great place to build your business online. Here are my 3 steps to thrive with the new Facebook algorithm.