Looking to get started with some Facebook ads? Great!

There are 3 main ways that I can help. You'll want to choose based on the amount of time vs. money that you have available right now. 

1. Supernova Ads Management

This is the VIP, done-for-you solution.

With this option, I will:

  • Create a custom strategy to help you reach your goals and stay within your budget

  • Set up all of your ads inside ads manager and make sure that they're targeted to reach your hottest audiences

  • Install the Facebook tracking pixel on your website to retarget your website traffic with ads

  • Collaborate with you to create text and images that feel like your brand and are also effective at getting results

Investment starts at $1000/month

Want to know more about how I work? Read how I helped my client spend $258 and make $1588 with her Facebook ads.

If Supernova Ads Management sounds like the right fit for your business, please hit the button below and fill out an application form.

2. Facebook Ads Coaching

Got a big launch coming up for your business? I can coach you through a strategy to make the most out of your Facebook ad spend to meet your big launch goals.

Don’t waste any more money messing around with your Facebook ads. If you’re serious about growing your business and maximizing your impact, then you’re ready for a launch strategy session.

I will help you get crystal clear on your timeline, budget and strategy for your launch ads. No more overwhelm or wasted money. 

Investment = $222

If coaching sounds like the right fit for your business, click below to learn more and book your session.

3. Attract Your Tribe

This is the least expensive, most DIY option.

Attract Your Tribe contains an easy-to-follow Facebook ads course, monthly trainings and updates, and a community of kindred spirits who are all growing their businesses online.

Facebook Ads Course

You get video trainings to walk you through every step of setting up your own Facebook ads. 

  • Ad strategy to grow your audience and make more sales

  • Choosing your budget and scaling what's working

  • Installing the Facebook pixel on your website

  • Step-by-step videos to set up ad campaigns that get results

Plus, you get access to me in weekly calls and a member Facebook group.

Members also get 25% off any 1-on-1 coaching sessions with me. So you could potentially combine options 2 and 3 to save both time and money!


  • Facebook group to connect with others who are on the same journey

  • Weekly live calls with me

  • Monthly full moon energy clearings

  • Accountability calls to help you take inspired action

If this option sounds like a good fit, click below to learn more and join Attract Your Tribe.