3 Steps to Thrive with the New Facebook Algorithm

Facebook is changing their algorithm. Again!

They’ve come right out and said that they will be focusing on showing more posts from friends and family and fewer posts from businesses in user news feeds.

Cue the sad trombone.

But don’t panic! If you’ve been using Facebook as a main focus for your online marketing, it’s still going to be a useful platform for you. You just might need to make a few adjustments to your strategy to keep up with the changes.

Here are my 3 most important steps to keep your business thriving with the FB Algorithm changes:

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Step 1: Create engaging content. 

You’ve probably heard this term, “engaging content” before. But what does it actually mean? 

It means that when you post on your Facebook page, you want to ask for a response. Teach people something. Ask their opinions, advice or recommendations. Ask them to post a picture or gif in the comments of your post. All of this is engagement and the new Facebook algorithm focuses even more on showing engaging posts to more people. 

Here’s an example of a post I made last week that got some great engagement:


Screen Shot 2018-01-31 at 9.57.07 AM.png

Also, be sure to reply to the comments on your posts! The new algorithm is favoring posts that strike up a conversation and create dialogue. So talk to your community through your Facebook page! 

One last thing here, DON’T constantly pitch and sell on your page! Facebook is a place to chat, interact and build relationships with your potential customers. Your email marketing is a better place to tell them more about your products and services. It’s ok to occasionally post about your paid offers, but keep it to 10% or less of the content that you’re posting.

Step 2: Run some ads.

In order to reach as many of your followers as you did before, you might need to start running a few ads for some of your best posts. 

However, you’ll want to do this very strategically.

DON’T just hit the blue “boost” button and spray your content out randomly.

Instead, learn to set up a proper ad to build and nurture your warm audiences.

The two best kinds of ads campaigns to use are:

  1. Video Views campaigns (for your videos, of course)
  2. Post Engagement campaigns (for your text and image posts)

Then, you’ll want to re-target the people who engage or view your video with ads to grow your email list or promote your next launch.

Step 3: Build your email list.

If you haven’t been focusing on building your list, then now is the time to start! When you build an email list, you don’t have to worry so much about the latest trends and all the crazy algorithm changes!

When you have an email list, you own your contacts. You get to message them in the way that you want and you don’t have to play by Facebook’s rules.

So, if news about this FB algorithm changes made you start to feel fearful about your business, the best thing you can do to feel more secure is to focus on building that email list.

And I’ve got a free resource to help you! Facebook ads are a fantastic way to build your list. Here’s a free ad strategy checklist with all the components that you’ll need to have in place to start multiplying your list with Facebook ads.

free Facebook ads checklist

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