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The Biggest Facebook Ads Mistake and How to Avoid It

The Biggest Facebook Ads Mistake and How to Avoid It

I’ve been running Facebook ads for myself and clients for over 3 years now. And here’s a classic mistake that I see over and over again. This mistake can cost you a lot of money. This mistake might make you say, “Facebook ads don’t work.” This mistake is HUGE. And it’s totally avoidable. Ready to hear what it is?

5 Tips to Increase Your Facebook Ad Relevance Score

5 Tips to Increase Your Facebook Ad Relevance Score

I recently worked with a coaching client and helped her run an ad that received a relevance score of 10! Check out my top 5 tips to increase your relevance scores and improve your results with your Facebook ads.

6 Facebook Ads Terms That You Need To Know To Get Better Results

6 Facebook Ads Terms That You Need To Know To Get Better Results

When you're first learning Facebook ads, you might feel like you have to learn a whole new language to understand what's going on!

Don't worry. I've got you covered.

Here are 6 of the most important terms that you need to know, use and understand as you set up your Facebook ads.

Understanding these terms and using these components in your ads will help you to grow your audience and make more sales!

The Most Common Facebook Ad Mistakes (And How to Fix Them)

This week I did a Facebook Live interview with my friend Gael Wood.

Gael is a very successful massage therapist who now teaches other wellness professionals how to be awesome through her business, Massage and Spa Success.

And, she's also one of my Facebook ads management clients!

In this video, she talks about common Facebook ad mistakes that she hears from wellness professionals in her community. And I give all the answers on how to fix those mistakes.

You'll learn why...

  • Facebook advertising is so different from the ads that you're used to seeing on TV
  • You MUST get that pixel installed on your website!
  • It's worth having a Facebook page for your business, even if you don't intend to advertise
  • We're using Instagram even more right now
  • We love paying for advertising!
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How I Spent $37 and Made $693 with Facebook Ads

How I Spent $37 and Made $693 with Facebook Ads

I know you're probably used to hearing about these HUGE success stories with Facebook advertising. Today, I want to share a small but mighty success. Because this might be closer to where you're at in your business. And it’s a great practice to celebrate small wins in business and life!

The Best Type Facebook Ad Campaign to Grow Your Business

If you’re wanting to try Facebook ads for your business but aren’t sure where to start, I feel ya!

There are SO many options inside of Facebook! Where do you begin?

Do you start advertising to get more views for your videos? Or most post engagement for your best content?

Or do you dive right in with a special promo to get more sales?

Or just do some simple awareness ads to let people know that you exist?

All of these types of ads can help your business if you have a proper strategy in place.

But I think that the best type of ad that you can run as you’re getting started is an email list building campaign.

I’m talking about creating something valuable (like a video series or ebook) and then giving it away for free in exchange for someone’s name and email address.

Then you set up your Facebook ads to promote this freebie and get more sign ups.

Why should you care about growing your email list? So many reasons.

When it comes to Facebook ads, there are so many choices! But here’s the campaign that I think is most worth your time and money investment. | Facebook ads tips | Facebook ads examples | Facebook marketing | Awesome Facebook ads | Content marketing | Facebook ads marketing | Email marketing | Facebook marketing strategy | #emailmarketing | #facebookadstips | #facebookmarketing | #facebookmarketingtips

Email helps you build relationships. Once someone opts in and joins your list, you can send them great, helpful content about your topic and deliver a lot of value. I’ll admit, I’ve gone through different phases in my business where I consistently emailed my list and where I didn’t. And I noticed a HUGE difference in my results for flash sales, launches and promotions. Which leads me to my next reason.

People are WAY more likely to buy from a sales email than a social media post. Your peeps are much more in a buying frame of mind while reading their email than while browsing social media. Plus, the algorithms on Facebook and Instagram don’t give promotional posts very much organic reach. Which means, that if you want more of your followers to know about your offer, you’ll have to do ads to reach them. 

When you grow an email list, you own that list and the ability to contact those people. Unless they unsubscribe of course. You don’t have to panic about the latest changes to the Facebook algorithm because you can contact your tribe through email.

You can automate email sequences. This gives your subscribers a great experience. And it gives you the chance to step back from your business and take a break. It’s one of those things where you can set it up and then test, monitor and tweak. When you get it dialed in, you get to sit back and chill while it builds your business on autopilot. Pretty awesome, right?

You’re setting yourself up for long term success. Some people will stay on your list for YEARS! As long as you stay in business. So, investing in some ads today can pay off way down the line in your biz.

Have I convinced you?

Running Facebook ads to build your list is truly a worthy investment for your business. 

So, how do you get started?

Glad you asked!

I’ve got a free checklist for you. It’s got everything you need to prepare to start planning your first email list building ad campaign. You can grab your free List Building Facebook Ads Checklist here.

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Start building your email list with Facebook ads

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3 Steps to Thrive with the New Facebook Algorithm

Facebook is changing their algorithm. Again! They’ve come right out and said that they will be focusing on showing more posts from friends and family and fewer posts from businesses in user news feeds.

But don't panic! Facebook is still a great place to build your business online. Here are my 3 steps to thrive with the new Facebook algorithm.

6 Tips for Awesome Facebook Ads in 2018

It's 2018! And it's time to revamp and refresh your Facebook ads for the new year. The Facebook algorithm is forever changing (mostly to improve things for everyone), but these tips should be helpful for you through 2018 and beyond.