5 Audiences to Target with Your Facebook Ads to Find Your Next Dream Client

I’m always asking people about their goals for their Facebook ads.

But I know what the ultimate goal is.

You want more clients! Or customers or students. 

However, I’m constantly warning people NOT to start their Facebook ads by blasting random audiences with ads to buy their products and services.

So what to do instead?

If you’ve got a product or service ready to sell, start advertising it to your WARM audiences.

A warm audience is made of people who are already familiar with you and your business.

Once you’ve started to build a relationship, then you can start telling them about your awesome paid offerings and start to really serve them

Here are 5 warm audiences that you can target in Facebook to start making more sales and building deeper relationships.

Targeting is everything when it comes to creating awesome Facebook ads! Read this post to learn how to target your ads in order to make more sales and make more money!


Warm Audience 1: Your email list

Why would you want to bother to advertise to your email list? They’re already on your list so why don’t you just email them?

Of course you’re going to email your list. But you may also want to send out a strategic ad to your list occasionally.

I definitely don’t read every email in my inbox and I’d guess you don’t either. The same is true for your tribe.

So, if you’re doing something special like a webinar, a flash sale or a bonus for your online course, it’s very worthwhile to target an ad to your email list to make sure they know about it.

Warm Audience 2: Your website visitors

People who have already visited your website are hot prospects! Maybe they found you through Google or social media. And if they cruise through your site without signing up for your list or buying, then you want the opportunity to reconnect with them and continue building a relationship.

When you install your ad account’s Facebook pixel, you can create audiences of people who have visited your website and retarget them with Facebook ads.

Some of my friends think this is stalker behavior. Lol. I feel like this is a solid strategy to build relationships with people who have already show interest in your expertise. Help them keep it going and take it to the next level.

Warm Audience 3: Your video viewers

This is one of my favorite audiences to use. People who have viewed your videos are already warming up to you quickly. Video is such a great way for your future dream clients to get a sense of your energy, vibe and approach to your topic.

When you retarget video viewers with your ads, you often get great results because this audience is quickly willing to take the next step with you.

Warm Audience 4: Your Facebook page engagement

Someone lands in your Facebook page engagement audience after they have liked, shared, or commented on one of your posts or ads. Or if they have visited your Facebook page. Or if they have messaged your page.

I prefer to target the engagement audience instead of targeting the Facebook fans.

Why? Because these people are already engaging! And lots of them aren’t fans of your page yet. They haven’t clicked the like button yet. But they might if they see an ad from you. They also might sign up from your list or buy from you.

Warm Audience 5: Your Instagram page engagement

If you have a business Instagram profile that’s connected to your business Facebook page, then you can build an Instagram engagement audience for your Facebook ads.

This is an awesome opportunity to meet someone on Instagram and then connect with them on Facebook too. Having multiple touch points to connect really helps people to start recognizing and remembering you.

So how do you create these audiences and then set up your ads to target them?

Glad you asked.

I just created a brand new cheat sheet to take you through the audience-creation process step-by-step! Download your Warm Audiences Cheat Sheet here.

This cheat sheet will take show you, step-by-step, how to set up each of these warm audiences inside the Facebook ads asset library. These are some of the MOST important actions to take to start making money with your ads.

Facebook Ads Warm Audiences Cheat Sheet

Get in front of the RIGHT people with your Facebook ads

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