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The Best Type Facebook Ad Campaign to Grow Your Business

If you’re wanting to try Facebook ads for your business but aren’t sure where to start, I feel ya!

There are SO many options inside of Facebook! Where do you begin?

Do you start advertising to get more views for your videos? Or most post engagement for your best content?

Or do you dive right in with a special promo to get more sales?

Or just do some simple awareness ads to let people know that you exist?

All of these types of ads can help your business if you have a proper strategy in place.

But I think that the best type of ad that you can run as you’re getting started is an email list building campaign.

I’m talking about creating something valuable (like a video series or ebook) and then giving it away for free in exchange for someone’s name and email address.

Then you set up your Facebook ads to promote this freebie and get more sign ups.

Why should you care about growing your email list? So many reasons.

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Email helps you build relationships. Once someone opts in and joins your list, you can send them great, helpful content about your topic and deliver a lot of value. I’ll admit, I’ve gone through different phases in my business where I consistently emailed my list and where I didn’t. And I noticed a HUGE difference in my results for flash sales, launches and promotions. Which leads me to my next reason.

People are WAY more likely to buy from a sales email than a social media post. Your peeps are much more in a buying frame of mind while reading their email than while browsing social media. Plus, the algorithms on Facebook and Instagram don’t give promotional posts very much organic reach. Which means, that if you want more of your followers to know about your offer, you’ll have to do ads to reach them. 

When you grow an email list, you own that list and the ability to contact those people. Unless they unsubscribe of course. You don’t have to panic about the latest changes to the Facebook algorithm because you can contact your tribe through email.

You can automate email sequences. This gives your subscribers a great experience. And it gives you the chance to step back from your business and take a break. It’s one of those things where you can set it up and then test, monitor and tweak. When you get it dialed in, you get to sit back and chill while it builds your business on autopilot. Pretty awesome, right?

You’re setting yourself up for long term success. Some people will stay on your list for YEARS! As long as you stay in business. So, investing in some ads today can pay off way down the line in your biz.

Have I convinced you?

Running Facebook ads to build your list is truly a worthy investment for your business. 

So, how do you get started?

Glad you asked!

I’ve got a free checklist for you. It’s got everything you need to prepare to start planning your first email list building ad campaign. You can grab your free List Building Facebook Ads Checklist here.

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Start building your email list with Facebook ads

Download my free List Building Ad Strategy Checklist

The #1 Secret to Writing Killer Facebook Ad Copy

As I talk with more entrepreneurs about their struggles with Facebook ads, I’m discovering that writing the copy for the ad is one of the biggest challenges.

And I can understand why! It’s not easy!

Since I started doing Facebook ads 2 years ago, the rules about how to write the copy for your ads have changed more than any other part of ad creation.

However, I believe that the secret I’m going to share with you here is a foundational principle to writing good Facebook ads. 

Facebook’s specific policies will continue to change and evolve, but if you keep this secret in the front of your mind, you’ll always be successful with your Facebook ads copy.

Ok, so are you ready to know the secret?

Stop your Facebook ad writing struggles with this secret! Facebook ads copy | Facebook ads tips | Facebook ads examples | Facebook marketing | Awesome Facebook ads | Content marketing | #facebookadscopy | #facebookadstips | #facebookmarketing | #facebookmarketingtips

Keep your Facebook ad copy positive.

Seems simple, right? But it’s actually counter-intuitive to a lot of marketers and copywriters.

If you’ve studied copywriting for your business, then you’ve probably learned about hitting on customers’ pain points. I’ve heard phrases from marketing experts like “get them into pain” or “make them really aware of their problem so that you can offer a solution.”

So, people dive into writing their Facebook ad copy with this type of strategy in mind.

And this type of “pain point” copy does generally work pretty well! It gets people moving and taking action.

But it doesn't work for Facebook ads! Why?

Most of the time, it’s against Facebook policy. And when you try to advertise, the ad gets disapproved so you're left wondering what went wrong and what to do next.

Let’s look at an example.

Pretend you’re a health coach. And you’ve noticed that most of your clients are hoping to losing weight. You’ve got a free ebook about healthy weight loss that you want to advertise on Facebook to grow your email list. So, you might write some copy like this for your ad:

Bummer Facebook Ad Copy

Are you struggling to lose weight? 

You’ve tried every diet out there and nothing is working. You’ve tried every exercise regimen you can find but just can’t stick with it.

Well, I know how you feel. I work with clients every day who have had similar struggles.

That’s why I created a free ebook for people just like you. 

Grab your free copy here >>> [link to sign up for ebook]

This type of ad copy would almost certainly get disapproved by Facebook and you’d be back to the drawing board.


This copy hits WAY too hard on people’s pain points.

If you were struggling to lose weight and feeling bad about it, how would you like to be reminded of that every time you get on Facebook?

Basically, this ad copy is implying that the reader is fat and out of shape and helpless to do anything about it themselves.

Facebook doesn’t want their users to have this experience of feeling bad about themselves after they read ads. Facebook wants people to have a great experience with all aspects of the platform so they’ll keep coming back and spending time there.

So, they try to build their ad policy around protecting their users from feeling triggered and crappy after they see ads on Facebook.

So, what should you do instead?

Write copy for your ad that is benefit-drive, positive and inspiring.

Something like this would be a much more effective Facebook ad.

Killer Facebook Ad Copy

Ready to look and feel your best in 2018?

I know how hard it can be to stick with your New Year’s resolutions. I made so many promises to myself over the years and I struggled to follow through.

But then I discovered that it doesn’t have to be this way! When I shifted my mindset, I was finally able to stick with my healthy resolutions and meet my goals.

And I believe that you can learn to do the same.

That’s why I wrote this ebook. I'll tell you my story of struggling to meet my health goals. I'll share with you how I turned things around. And show you how you can too.

Grab your free copy here >>> [link to ebook landing page]

I like this ad copy because it empathizes with the reader and shares a little bit about you. Instead of harping on the reader’s pain points about their weight, if you share about YOUR journey and struggle in your copy, then you’re building an authentic connection with your reader. And you'll be flying through the Facebook policy filters with no problem at all.

If you set an intention for your ad copy to inspire, encourage and authentically connect with the reader, then you’re going to have a killer Facebook ad.

Now that you’ve got a plan for your Facebook ad copy, what about all the other pieces that you need in place?

Download my free Facebook Ads Strategy Checklist to plan out your entire campaign to build your email list and increase your sales.

Facebook Ads Strategy Checklist

Grow your Email List with Facebook Ads!

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