5 Tips to Increase Your Facebook Ad Relevance Score

I recently worked with a coaching client and helped her run an ad that received a relevance score of 10!

Now, if you don't know what a relevance score is, then it might not sound impressive or exciting so let me explain.

A relevance score is a rating from 1-10 that Facebook gives your ad to determine if it's high enough quality to get good reach to the audience that you're targeting. 1 is a bad relevance score and 10 is an awesome relevance score.

Better relevance scores for your Facebook ads mean reaching more people with less money! Check out these 5 tips to increase your scores. Facebook ads tips | Facebook ads strategy | Awesome Facebook ads | Facebook ads | Facebook marketing | Facebook for business | #facebookmarketing | #contentmarketing | #facebookmarketingtips | #facebookadstips

The score is determined by a combination of the image, copy and targeting of your ad.

A high relevance score means that your ad will be delivered to more people in your target audience. And you'll probably pay less for your results because Facebook will favor your ad over others.

So, how did my client and I create an ad that got 10/10 relevance score?

Watch the video below to see the actual ad and learn 5 tips to improve your relevance score.

I hope that you take these 5 tips and apply them to your ads right away!

Remember, you have to test, test, test to improve your relevance score and get better and better results with your ads.


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