Facebook Ads Q+A: Which is better -- image ads or video ads?

I ask the members of my Facebook group to vote on some FAQ's that I can answer in a series of vlogs.

And the top this week was this question... which is better -- video ads or image ads?

Short answer = It totally depends. You have to test for yourself to find out. ðŸ˜‰

Long answer = Image ads can do really well, but I absolutely love Facebook video ads. Because they do a great job of introducing you to a new audience. And, you can retarget all the people who view your video for 3 seconds or more with follow-up ads to build your email list and/or sell your program. Watch the video below to learn more.

And you'll also get a little sneak peek at my new house in Montana that I'm remodeling!

Which type of Facebook ad is better — an image ad or a video ad? The short answer is that it totally depends! You always need to test for yourself. However, I do love a good Facebook video ad. On this vlog, I talk about the benefits of trying a video ad and the cool things you can do with targeting through video views audiences. Click through to watch now!

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